The SMARTree interface is a single window interface as shown below. This freeform environment is ideal for users to build trees that match their specific material, process, test or reporting structure. The libraries loaded into the environment at startup can come from a variety of active folders that may be maintained by one or more other users whose responsibility is to maintain those specific data sources. The main GUI of SMARTree is comprised of four work sections

  • The top ribbon containing application functions and operations;
  • A Libraries section (center left) that displays templates or cloud data,
  • A SMARTree Preview section (bottom left) that displays file previews and existing tree data
  • The Main Editor tree where users edit and interact with the data.

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SMARTree Libraries are loaded at startup and can contain material and process information, user information, material test standards, test hardware as well as reporting templates. The user can drag these libraries into a blank or existing tree and reorganize based on user preference.This new tree can be added to the library or saved and sent to others to populate and manage.