The Preview window is used to view saved SMARTrees within the user Library. This allows the user to preview the data prior to editing or importing to the editor. The Preview window is shown below. The user can drag and drop any or all elements into the editor or use the right click button carry out the following tasks:

  • Right Click > Import, Import All: Imports all or selected elements in the tree. If you have selected an item in the editor the items are imported as child elements. If more than one item is selected in the editor then the imported item is added to all of these elements as child elements.
  • Copy Items to the clipboard. Use the Paste Option in the editor to add this element to the edited SMARTree.
  • Import values only to elements in the editor. The user can paste the selected values to any element in the tree


SMARTree Preview window

Figure 1 The Libraries window (top) and Preview Window (bottom)