SMARTree Libraries are loaded at startup and can contain material and process information, user information, material test standards, test hardware as well as reporting templates. The primary use SMARTree libraries are a method of access to and index of all content available to the user.

SMARTree libraries are accessible from the SMARTree client and Dashboard upon startup.

Below is the SMARTree Libraries window. The user can add different folder sources to the client and define a default library that is loaded on startup.

In the SMARTree client, the libraries window on the top left of the main GUI presents all SMARTree files available within each library. This folder location can be on the users PC, intranet or cloud based folder. The current library assigned by clicking the select button and browsing to the desired location.

The user can update content within libraries by clicking the  Update button within the SMARTree client This updates all folders and subfolders within the libraries location. Note that the library window will only display files that have an *.xml extension. This is the extension used for all SMARTree files. Once a file in the library is clicked it is then opened in the Preview window. If files or folders have been added moved or deleted then click the update button to refresh the list.

The Libraries folders are searched for all SMART Tag content that is then available to the user in the client upon startup and when refreshed. Special SMART Tags are used to extract information that can be used within the client. This is discussed further in the SMART Tag Section.