This manual is a reference guide to using SMARTree. The font style within the manual is used to describe tree functions, elements and operations. These styles are described below

Item Description
 Bold  Bold Text marked in bold referrs to selected actions. For example, Right Click> Add Element is a series of actions to invoke a shortcut menu command and select Add Element. SMARTree > Open referrs to clicking Open in the SMARTree ribbon. Click on the sections to the left to acces any section of the online user manual.
 Italic   Items marked in italic refer to tree elements. These include headers, values, dates selections, modelsetc.
 <bracketed>  Bracketed items refer to functions, operators or logic operations. For example you may <lock> an item to prevent it from being moved or edited. You may also assign a logical condition such as <required> or <lower_limit>
 “quotation marks”  Quotation marks refer to tree values that include text, numbers, dates or tables. For example “John Smith” is a text element.