One of the core features of the SMARTree framework is the ‘SMART Tag’ concept. This is where XML SMARTrees are given metadata in a similar manner to a hashtag so that users can quickly reference another SMARTree in the user’s directory or cloud. The format of this tag is shown and is present at the top of an XML SMARTree. These SMART Tags are searched and indexed when the user starts the client software or saves a new SMARTree. This search and result window is also shown. Example SMART Tags include “Materials”, “Models”, “Equipment”, “Devices”, “Facilities”, Personal, “SOP”, “Units of measure” etc. These SMART Tags can be referenced directly within the current SMARTree in a similar manner as a citation without having to embed the external tree directly.

SMARTree’s with a “Material” SMART Tag have additional features for embedded modeling that is discussed in the manual here. “Template” SMART Tags are also available within the GUI as a method to rapidly embed snippets of trees within the current working tree and are described in more detail here.