A standard or protocol is established in a SMARTree by embedding logic within the elements of a tree. What does this mean? Basically, any or all elements (except for headers) can be given a condition that is checked during user interaction. The most simple condition is whether data exists in an element. Other examples include whether a value or date is within a certain range.

Below is a SMARTree with a logical condition that a specific value must be within a range specified by a slider bar. As the value is outside the range a red X icon is shown next to the value. Since the value is a child element of “A Simple Header” a red X also appears indicating that something is not right within the tree.

Below this figure is the same tree with a value within the range of the slider. The red X in the “Edit value text” element is replaced with a green tick mark and the entire tree is hierarchy is updated to show compliance with this condition is met. If this data fell outside the range again then the tree would revert to red X’s. Each element has a variety of logic conditions that can be defined. Visit the support site to learn more about the logic options for each type of element.

With this built in consistency check a user can easily check the integrity of trees without having to open the entire tree. If a user is tasked with populating, say, a set of test results then a tree can be built with the proper set of logic conditions so as to ensure a complete set of data is obtained. This is especially useful to ensure that the trees are fully populated and meet specific standards defined by the original builder of the tree.  This feature is also useful for populating inputs to a model or when building a test or standard that comply with ASTM. The feature also ensures that all users adhere to policies regarding data capture and reduction.

Examples of data often forgotten or not bundled with test data include temperature in the lab during testing, modes of failure, make and model of instron, technician name etc. With SMARTree, a master model template can be built with all the logic conditions preset so that no data is omitted.

Details on how to apply logic conditions to your tree can be found here