The dashboard window is what the user sees when first starting SMARTree. It’s comprised of eight options described below. To start the SMARTree client simply click the SMARTree (green tree) logo. Otherwise scroll over the other icons to learn the function of each button. Below is a description of each function with links to various pages for more details.

Start the SMARTree Client via the Dashboard. Once clicked the SMART Tag window is opened to build client content.

Click to fill out a license request from or add additional features to your current license.

Opens the SMARTree Libraries Window. Users can add multiple libraries to the SMARTree client from various sources.

Register online to receive software updates, additional content, sample SMARTrees and libraries.

Edit SMARTree client and user options.

Access various standalone tools available with SMARTree.

Access the Image Editor tool

Open the Online Help Utility. Access various user forums and support content